Top College Quarterbacks 2023

Bo Nix is the new No. 1 college quarterback, with consistent play in the Pac-12. Will his top spot last after Week 9?

Our college QB rankings have seen significant changes. Check them out below, along with analysis of all 133 quarterback situations nationwide.

After extensive film analysis and data crunching, the rankings are finally here. I truly enjoy every moment of assessing college football and quarterback performance in our beloved sport.

Before we dive into the rankings, it's crucial to explain their foundation. Film analysis plays a significant role in determining a player's position in these rankings, as always.

We also consider injury history, coaching changes, scheme implementation, roster turnover, and overall quarterback performance on the field in our rankings.

Similar to our preseason rankings, we've integrated game film from this season with a wealth of data to evaluate every quarterback in the nation.

Let's dive in. If you have questions about these rankings, feel free to ask on Twitter. And if you missed our conference-level QB rankings, you can find them below.